Kinnucans Employment Application

Please complete as much of this application as possible for our review. Thank You.***

Once you have completed the online application, it will be forwarded to our Human Resources department and they will notify you when interviews are going on at the store that you are applying to. Please refrain from checking on the status of your application by phone. Interviews may have been conducted for the store near you recently and it may take time to schedule an interview. Thank you for your interest in working for Kinnucan’s.

*If for some reason, you are unable to email this application to us, please fax a copy to 334.887.3652. You can easily print this completed application to a connected printer or to a PDF file. These are acceptable methods of applying. *Please refrain from contacting us about your application. Once interview dates are set and interviewees determined, you will be contacted. Thank you.

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