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KSO Family Membership

10 $10.00

Whether you shop with us once a week or once a season, you will love taking advantage of the specials and savings that come with becoming a member of the Kinnucan's Family.  Want to save 10% on every purchase you make with Kinnucan's?  Well then, come on and join the Family!

What exactly do you get by becoming a member of the KSO loyalty program you ask?

Well for starters you save 5% off of your purchase immediately.  Yep, that means right now. And if that wasn't enough for you to join, you also earn 5% back on that same purcahase in loyalty dollars that you can then use towards any future Kinnucan's purchase.  That's a 10% savings on this and all future orders for as long as your KSO Family membership is active.

You heard it right.  So if your order is $100 or more, the $10 yearly membership has already paid for itself.  And that doesn't even factor in that if your order is $25 or more you also receive free shipping on all online orders. 

Sku - KIN045ZZ

So, since you're basically a part of the family now let's sit down and talk about this. 

Your order is currently sitting at $50 and you're thinking, "is it really worth it to join the KSO Family for a whole year?  I mean, what if I don't order again and I just wasted $10?"  Well, let's do the math, you save 5% off of your order immediately, that's $2.50 off right off the bat.  Then you get 5% back in loyalty dollars which is another $2.50 which puts you at $5 in savings.  Now let's factor in the $7.99 in shipping that you no longer have to pay because we take care of our family and that puts you at $12.99 saved.  You've now just paid for your KSO Family membership for the year and saved another $2.99 in cold hard cash on top of that.  Any future orders you make is pure savings.  It's kind of a no brainer?

Let's look at the other benefits for joining the Family...

  • Earn 5% in loyalty points with all online and in-store purchases.
  • Get 5% off all Kinnucan's purchases both online and in-store.
  • Free shipping on all online orders $25 or more.
  • Members-only Savings Events like “Double Days” where you receive double the reward points on all purchases.
  • A special $20 off a $40 purchase or more Birthday coupon to use online or at any of our store locations.

See Quick Answers for KSO Family Member Terms & Conditions