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Reusable Hand Warmer

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Provides up to two hours of heat

Heats up to 130° F (54° C) in just 15 seconds

Sodium acetate and water are activated by bending a metal disk inside the pouch

When heat runs out, warmer can be rejuvenated with boiling water

Environmentally friendly

Activating Instructions:

1 – Press metal button disc hand warmer with finger until it “clicks” and liquid starts to crystallize.

2 – Massage hand warmer until completely crystallized.

3 – Apply hand warmer to desired area.

4 – Insulate hand warmer in a towel or cloth material for longer lasting heat.

Recharging Instructions:

1 – Bring pot of water to a rolling boil. Then lower heat down to a slow simmer.

2 – Carefully place hand warmer in simmering water.

3 – Keep hand warmer in simmering water until crystals completely dissolve and liquid turns clear
     (approx. 15 minutes).

4 – Carefully remove hand warmer and allow to cool to room temperature before next use.

5 – If heat pack re-crystallizes after boiling, re-boil until crystals are completely dissolved.

  • UST050